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    Complete first generation Super Record gruppo


    The group is in nice condition, especially the cranks (not cracked) and the derailleurs shine nicely with very little signs of use. Pedals show some wear, but no rust (<- titanium axles on these ), Seatpost is the two-bolt-with-long-flutes kind. Brake hoods have a little crack at the bottom, otherwise ok, nice old brown.

    What could i get for a gruppo like this on ebay for example, and would you sell it as a group or each thing separately? Searching for completed items didn't yield any results for me...

    Oh and i have the BB and Headset as well, but they're swiss threaded, so i think it would be unwise to part them from the frame??

    Many thanks,


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    I wouldn't part them because they'll probably be difficult to replace...

    I'd sell it as a group...without photos it's very hard to give you a number, but without the headset and BB, I'd guess about $400 in decent condition. Are the hubs included? As complete wheels, or hubs only?

    Rough values -

    FD - $20-30
    RD - 40-60
    Cranks - 70-110
    Levers - 60-100 (hoods make all the difference
    calipers - 60-90
    hubs - 60-110
    HS - 70-120
    BB - 50-70 for NR, SR I don't even know
    SR freewheel - 125-180

    Keep in mind that ebay prices are down and the Campy market has dropped %20-%40 thisa year...I might be high on these numbers.

    I THINK those pedals tend to sell high if they are the real ti axel...I want to say 100ish? Maybe more condition dependant? I've never owned or sold a pair, but they're pretty rare.

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