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    Need value for 1999 GT Airstream

    Hi ALL!
    I just got ahold of this 1999 GT Airstream. Its in ok shape. I lubed it up, inflated tires, took it for a spin. It has some rust. It won't shift because both cables are rusted. After I do that and clean it up some more...what will it be worth!?
    Below is a link to all the info on this bike, like it retailed for $386.99, from what I can see, people love them!!!

    Many thanks, Ted

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    With new seat and new chain, with everything tuned up, I would say around here it would be worth $160.

    These were from GT's Streamline series. From a sales viewpoint, the whole series was not successful. GT did some customer research and found that a swept back handlebar was much preferred by the target buyer in this price range, compared to the straighter bar found on just about every other brand's hybrid bike. Despite this, dealers didn't embrace it. And if the dealers didn't embrace it, the bikes never got a fair shake in front of the consumer. The bikes setup would probably sell better today than in '99.

    Also, the Airstream model had to have its name changed because of the travel trailer company with the same name and the conflict that caused.

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