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    1986 Schwinn Le Tour worth?


    I'm new to the bikeforum community and excited to be a part of it! This is such a great resource

    I have an opportunity to purchase a 1986 schwinn le tour with 4130 chromoly frame, dia compe parts and japanese made handlebars for $260.

    The bike is in excellent condition with a new velo seat, new bar tape and tires

    Is this price fair? too much? the seller is claiming the whole bike was made in Japan, however, the sticker on the frame says chromoly 4130 tru temper USA.

    how are dia compe parts compared to shimano?

    any opinion would be much apprieciated!

    Thank you!

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    Price is on the high side. Dia Compe parts are fine. One thing to remember about any brand of component (like Shimano). They made all kinds and levels of parts. Go to Walmart, almost all of the bikes will have Shimano parts. They just use really low end Shimano stuff. So the brand of component means very little. The LeTour was a pretty decent bike, assuming it is really a 1986. Few sellers get the year, size, or other info correct, although the 86 did have a True Temper frame.

    Sounds ready to go, you could do a lot worse for sure.

    Need pictures.

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