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    Bianchi Badge/Logo

    I was wondering if any info could be gleaned from this Bianchi badge/logo

    I'm going to look at the bike tomorrow and the seller hasn't really provided much information. The other picture in the ad was of poor quality and didn't provide much to go on.

    However, I found this picture below in another ad and it looks similar to the above, so it could be a repost.

    Any thoughts/help will be greatly appreciated :].


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    it is hard to read the fine print but it looks like it may say Tange, if so from what I can tell from the other pic the bike may be a '88 or 89 Strada LX. a nice basic road bike with a ChroMo frame but HiTen fork.

    it could also be (again there is very little detail in the pics) a '89 Volpe but that would be instantly recognizable by barends and cantilever brakes.
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    it is also a very small bike, likely 48cm
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