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    Schwinn Fastback - Orange

    We would appreciate an idea of the value of this Schwinn Fastback. It should clean up pretty well. There is a tear in the vinyl of the seat. All original including the rear slick. Thanks in advance

    Schwinn Fastback &#7.jpgSchwinn Fastback &#7.jpgSchwinn Fastback Orange-3..jpgSchwinn Fastback Orange-1..jpgSchwinn Fastback &#7.jpg
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    Schwinn forums and ebay are your best sources for values on juvenile bikes. The multispeed Stingray bikes have pretty good value from what I have seen. This one will take a careful restoration of the rusty parts (do no harm, do not use anything abrasive). Or sell it as is to someone with the time/desire/interest in doing the restoration.

    The "needs restoration" versions on ebay seem to be going for $250 to $300. Fully restored go for quite a bit more, sometimes 2X. The paint on yours looks really good (a big plus). You also have quite a bit rust (big negative, but Schwinn chrome is tough, and can clean up well). OF course, to sell on ebay means you have to be willing to ship the bike at a reasonable cost, no "I'll take it to a bike shop and you can pay them". I see common shipping in the $40 to $60 range, above that and your auction will suffer.

    If I tried to sell one locally around here, I doubt I could get more than about half the ebay pricing.
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