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    1984 Bianchi Randonneur

    If everything goes according to plan, I'll be acquiring a "new" true touring bike so to fund the build up and paint of the "new" bike I need to sell something. I don't NEED 2 touring type bikes, so the Bianchi probably will go.... maybe. Either way, there are very few of these showing up for sale anywhere so it's tough to get an idea what it's worth. I'm in no rush to sell it, I'll probably take it to the local bike flea market in the spring. After all that talking, what's a decent price to ask for it? It's all original except bar wrap and hoods. The picture I put up is when I got it. It now has blue Bontrager bar wrap, gum hoods, Panaracer Paselas and a Fujita Professional seat (probably won't stay). Here is the picture. I'll post more this weekend. Thanks
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    Nice bicycle in apparently very good condition. Having both racks is a big plus. I don't know the market conditions in Topton, but in my area, you would get $150-$200. It has 4 things against it:

    1. Lack on hoods
    2. MounTech rear derailleur - they have a bad rep & knowledgeable buyers tend to shy away from them
    3. Magny tubeset - most buyers will hold out for CrMo.
    4. Time of year - it's a soft season, you would get a better price if you hold out until spring.

    Before you sell, I'd appreciate the serial number for my database. TIA & good luck.

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    aside from the hoods I kind of agree with T-Mar. this is a great bike but does not have a fancy Cromoly frame or indixing.

    I am in the same boat as you. I would love this beautiful Bianchi for my family but I have an '86 Volpe and '89 Equinox so the last thing I need is another Randonneurer type bike (yes the pun was intended). although if the price is right.....
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