Hello all,
I have joined this forum for its wealth of knowledge and for some assistance in valuation for insurance. Earlier this year I received a tandem as a gift that was acquired quite cheaply so I used it without thought of insurance. Now I've put many miles on it and become very fond of it so have begun to research what it exactly is. I've posted some images because I don't know much about it other than what Google has to say about Sun Cycles and Fittings (Birmingham).
What I do know is that it's not a Ladyback (or layback I can't remember) and I don't think it is a wasp as images I find of the wasp has an extra tube through the frame. I have discovered that Sun made a Challenger tandem and a CTC tandem but have not been able to confirm what mine is.
I also don't know the age or date of manufacture. I believe you can find out by the frame number but haven't found out how. My frame number is BT 1559 (or BT 7559 as the 1 could be a 7). Everything is working and I still have the leather saddles, just not fitted. The only thing I've replaced in 9 months is is the rear tyre. Any information would be greatly received.

Also any information on the following bike would be greatly appreciated. I have photographed the most distinguishing areas to aid identification. I know it's in a bad way but it's fast and I got it free from a barn where I'm told it had been for 30 years +. I've had to replace wheels and brakes so they can be ignored. The only parts I can name are the stem and bars as they have an old Cinelli crest on them. The frame has no obvious markings.

Than you in advance for any help you can give