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    What is it worth ?? Selling, (not buying) a Tiny Peugeot

    I'm thinking of selling a tiny black Peugeot (21-inch frame) to a small person. I know this bike is not stock (replacement chromed forks) but that is not an issue because the interested person says he is just looking for a beater to use around town & really doesn't care about pedigree or what it looks like. Its an old Peugeot, possibly a UO8 (?) made in France with a leather Peugeot Sport seat, Atom hubs & matching Superchrome DEA rims in really nice condition, Mafac Racer brakes & levers, two new CST high pressure tires, Simplex derailleurs & levers, Lyotard pedals, and the paint is shiny & the decals all look really spiffy., See the pictures:

    If found I know what I'd pay for it but the boot is on the other foot, to coin a phrase. If the guy shows up driving a Series 7 BMW to look at it, what is a fair price for this bike ??


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    21 inch frame is not tiny. Its pretty normal. Most of the bikes I find are 21 to 23 inch frame size. I would consider anything under 21 inch to be small, anything under 19 inch, tiny.

    Steel rims, cottered cranks, french sizing, plastic Simplex components. In hooterville, $125, in a hot market, $175. Peugeots enjoy a premium over similar bikes.

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