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    Indian Scout serial numbers?

    Trying to figure out a price on what appears to be a stock Indian Scout bicycle from the 50s(?). Three speed, lugged construction, as found condition with some surface rust, rusty cables, but looks like all parts are there and it would clean up pretty well. I know, I know, hard to tell without pix. Mainly just looking to find out what year it's from and perhaps which English concern manufactured it. Serial No. stamped on the left d/o is: K476424. Headbadge is full-headdress Indian, with "Indian" above and "Scout" below. Sturmey Archer 3sp hub with "Speedy Switch" shifter, AW hub with "62" stamped below the S/A logo, above "3-Speed"

    I was thinking something like $100-150?

    But really, any idea for year of manufacture/UK mfg firm, based on the serial no.?
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    The postwar Indian bicycles were produced under contract by Phillips from around 1947 to sometime in the late 1950s. Around 1955, BCCI (Phillips parent company) bought the rights to the bankrupt Indian Motorcycle Co and started producing the motorcycles in a limited fashion as well, so I have been told.

    I have what seems to be a 1949-50 Indian Princess here awaiting restoration. Mine was a single-speed with a Perry coaster-brake hub. I am surprised that yours has a 62 dated AW; I wonder if it's a replacement, as Phillips was folded into Raleigh by that time, though BCCI still made the Indian motorcycles in another plant.
    Do the rims match in type? Mine has Dunlop rims. I've also seen them with both Phillips & Sturmey Archer-marked rims. What about the pulley for the S-A cable- is it metal or plastic?

    I have yet to find any sort of serial number charts for Phillips, which is odd considering how huge they were.

    In really good shape, the UK-made Indian bikes seem to go for $300-350. (I've never seen one in really good shape.)
    Other than the badge and decals, they're stock Phillips sports bicycles, of good quality but not rare.

    Check with the folks at Old Roads, too. I know Vin has had a few go through his shop in the past couple of years.

    Corey K

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