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    Ganna 21" w/ campy 2x10 and Universal brakes

    I have a Ganna road bike from what would guess is the late 70s or early 80s. Its a 10 spd with Campy down-tube shifters. It has had a rack on it for quite a while and there are other spots with paint which is messed up. The group still works, but it hasn't been ridden in the 10 years its been in the basement. (needs tires, brake pads etc). Some rust showing through as one would expect. It has a chromed fork, formerly polished lugs upfront and painted lugs on the seat post.

    For some its a conversion but also could be a restoration project. Its a really nice piece of art, but I know that people buying bikes are partial to brands they know and this one is nearly impossible to find on English language sites.

    Any idea how much I should try to get for it?

    Thanks for your input

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    Without more details and pictures its hard to say.

    Frame tubing?
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    Ya, hard to tell without the pictures. What little I can tell you is that Ganna bicycles have been around for a long, long time. The 1912 tour, was won using a Ganna I believe. In the early mid-eighties Ganna bought out Giubilato bicycles but kept the name. Ganna bikes are still manufactured as Ganna but by the Giubilato company which is Ganna, got it? I have a Giubilato from about 1986, it has all Victory on it. I wrote to the company to see about getting some original decals, they sent me some but also sent me some Ganna decals.
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