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    1984 Motobecane Mirage Sport - What could I get for it?

    Hi guys,

    Realizing that I haven't ridden it much since I overhauled it last summer (EG it's collecting dust while hanging in my room), I'm debating putting my Motobecane up for sale.

    Frame Size is 59cm.

    Last summer I:

    Replaced all the bearings and repacked with new grease.
    Wrapped the handlebars with new s-wrap tape.
    Installed new brake lever hoods.
    Replaced the tires with 27x1 Pasela TG's
    Ran new cables & housings.
    Replaced brake pads with Kool Stop Continentals.
    Full wash/scratch-x/wax of the frame, and polishing of the shiny bits.

    I'm trying to cull my herd down, as I only really ride the T700 and the new trike. I'm a bit loathe to sell, as it's my first road bike ever, but wanted to get a rough value before I commit to selling.

    1993 Cannondale T700 - 1994 Specialized Rockhopper - Actionbent T1 (Electrification in progress!)

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    I'm not sure what your bike market is like but in a good bike market like mine... I would sell your bike for $200 to $250... not including the bag. Looks nice and clean

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