I just came into possession of a Rudge Whitworth bicycle I would like to identify the model and year if possible. The story behind the bike is that a man went over to England from the US during WWII, bought the bike and sent it home to his kid brother. Said brother recently sold the bike to another fellow. The bicycle is described as follows: frame size 47 cm/c-c; seat stays bolt onto the chainstay/top tube; mechanical rod style brakes; single speed w/freewheel; headtube badge is mostly oval in shape with Rudge Whitworth on the top, the hand on the wheel emblem centered and Nottingham, England across the bottom; a similar badge appears on the back part of the rear fender; the bicycle is painted black with red accents on the frame; the Rudge name is on the seat tube front, running top to bottom in what appears to be silver or grey paint; the handlebar is moustache style; Brooks leather saddle; the seriel number is as follows AK63964. If anyone can identify the year/model and maybe even approximate value of this bicycle I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks.