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    Is this a good buy?

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    While I'm not a 3-speed guy, I looked at the ad and it seems to be a beautiful bike. I love the Raleigh green color, they also had a coffee color that is pretty nice, but I like the green.

    Paint looks to be in exceptional condition. I didn't try to zoom in or anything, just looked at the posted pics.

    $250.00 is probably way upper end for a bike like this. The ad says, "make offer", so I suggest you do some more homework and make a realistic offer, perhaps around $185.00 to start out. Any lower and the seller will most likely shut down. Others will certainly chime in here.

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    +1 Good buy? Not in Atlanta market.

    But it is a good looking bike, paint looks excellent. So if it is what you want, make an offer. Around here, 3 speeds are a real niche product, but when the right person comes around, they sell.

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