Hello all,

I have the opportunity to buy a vintage CCM bike from the DIY bike co-op with which I volunteer.

I have two questions:

1. Can any one put a model name or an approximate date of manufacture to this bike?

2. How much was its original price, and what do you believe a fair price would be for this bike, given the following description.

I realize that CCM made a lot of mass-market bikes, and this bike looks like it's one of them, so I don't believe that I have any type of "collector's item" here, but I really want it because they're so very comfortable to ride. I've seen many pictures of CCM bikes online, BUT I've not yet found a model name for this bike.

Attached photo IS the bike I'm considering buying. This following linked photo is similar:


Basic Info:

The frame features a curved double top-tube (tubes are NOT perfectly parallel with one another). Also, both top tubes stop at the seat tube.

The fork is a "twin tube" type. The fork crown features two separate horizontal plates, one above the other, similar to the TRB-155 fork in the following link. http://automobiles.indiabizclub.com/...t+fork~ludhian

There are two curved metal rods (one on each side) that are attached to the headset, curve away from the bike, and end at the axle.

The handlebars are "raised", just like the ones in the upper left corner in the following link: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_m2_YJYFcr3...ar+types+1.jpg

The fenders and chainguard are white with nothing at all printed or stamped onto them.

It has a coaster brake, CCM letters on the crankset (which needs replacing). The headbadge indicates that it was built at the Weston, Ontario factory.

A serial number (?) is stamped on the seat lug - 60692 S (btw, the "S" is stamped directly below the "9" in the serial #).

Condition Info:

It is rideable as it is now. It just needs new tires. Any other concern with the bike is merely aesthetic. It has a bit of surface rust, and it could use a new paint job and new plating on its chrome parts.

Thanks for all your info and help.

Attachment 198577P4040018.jpg