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Thread: 1983 Peugeot P6

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    1983 Peugeot P6

    I picked this bike up a while ago, but the frame is too small for me. It measures 54cm from the center of the bottom bracket to the top of the seat tube. Since I have had it I have replaced the brake cables and shifter cables and trued the wheels. There are hardly any chips in the paint. However, this bike does have a bent fork (looks like someone popped a wheelie and came down real hard), but I will be replacing it with a NOS chrome fork before I put it up for sale. I am now planning on selling this bike locally and would like to know what is a fair price to ask for it?

    IMG_1272 by ANDREWFR, on Flickr

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    Lowest model-solida crank/steel wheels and seatmast....on par with a schwinn conti or varsity. VERY nice handleing bike however. In ride condition I'd list it at 125 and hope to get 100 for it. Your market may be different.

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