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    Zebra(kenko?) & General Reality Check

    $220 for the attached reasonable?


    I'm a real bike newbie looking to pick up a used bike for short (~25m) weekend rides.

    From the relatively little experience I've had biking, lurking here, and reading Sheldon's stuff, I think I'm looking for a steel frame road bike with a frame size around 60 cm - maybe something like an older Super Sport? Would finding something like this be possible for $150-160? Am I being bat-poop insane?

    I realize pricing is location and season sensitive, so I'm considering passing my initial budget, but at the very least I wanted to get an opinion. If that opinion isn't "Oh God, you would need to pay me for that piece of scrap" I might spring for it.


    [edit] Apologies if this shouldn't go into "Classic and Vintage".
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    You can find tons of decent bikes for the $200.00 price tag. I just bought and quickly sold a Zebrakenko this month. It was a low end model called "Storm" and it actually had a decent ride. Nice lugs, nice components for what it was. Bought it for $50.00, did a little elbow grease work and sold it to a college kid for $100.00.

    Not a bad bike and the one in the photo you have looks nicer. Still not sore I'd go that high though. I'd have to see it and assess the condition and know the components.

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