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    Vintage or spend a little more on a newer road bike

    I missed the opportunity today to buy a 4 year old Fuiji Road bike for about $300.

    I was wondering if I should wait around to look for another deal on a newer bike or just go with a vintage. Pros? Cons? I would use this bike for riding to my college campus (a few miles) and the occasional weekend longer ride.

    I've been looking at price range is up to around $300 if its a good enough bike.

    I'm about 5"3
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    You need to get a little education before you buy anything. $300 can get you a pretty fabulous C&V bike but you have to know how to shop. (The ones in your links are not nearly as good as you can do).

    THIS is a good starter site for you - gives you some pointers that most newbies miss initially.
    - Auchen

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