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    Not vintage per se, but a 2004 Specialized Allez Elite

    I'm not sure protocol for 'newer' bikes so I'm sorry in advance if I've upset people - I just want to make sure that the bike I buy is bought (and sold) at a fair price.

    My latest find is a 2004 Specialized Allez Elite triple. I'm going to check it out tomorrow after work (hopefully) and assuming it's all ok is $600 a fair price? (He said he would sell for $530...)

    Thanks again in advance and here's a link for all the specs of the bike.

    I'm also in the Chicago region

    Thanks again!

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    Yes, it is in the wrong forum. Probably should be in Road section, but I'm not offended.

    I think it is an OK bike and the price is in the ballpark probably. The specs say Shimano 105, make certain that it is at least 105, or there are better deals out there.

    For not too much more you can buy a brand new bike with probably Tiagra level components. They you would have the support of the LBS. Just a thought.

    Otherwise, if it fits you, not the worst deal I've seen.

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