I'm trying to get an idea of the value of this frame and the best place to sell it. Your comments would be appreciated.

According to the gentleman who donated this frame to us (see below), this is one of the first Georgena Terry men's frames ever made. Ms. Terry, who still lives in the Rochester area, has confirmed that it is one of the first ten men's frames that she hand built. The bike is silver brazed with the exception of the fork ends which are brass brazed. The lugs are investment cast, as is the bottom bracket shell. This tangerine orange frame was purchased from Terry while she was beginning her business in the Rochester area. The original owner had Gerogena completely refurbish and repaint it then never rode it. The dropouts have never seen an axle since refurbishing; the paint is pristine in them. It is in absolutely gorgeous condition. I truly hate to list it as used, but honesty requires me to.

The geometry is as shown in the photo. The measurements are from the photo using a CAD system, so there may be slight variations from what is shown of about 0.5 cm. Tubing is Reynolds 531 and size is 54.5 cm center-to-top.

There is a partial Campagnolo headset without the bearings, top locknut, top washer and top adjustable race. The lower part of the headset just lacks bearings. Because there are no bearings, the fork looks slightly tilted in the photo.

The bottom bracket is 1.370 x 24 tpi
Rear dropout is 126 mm; front 100 mm.
There is a brazed-on front derailleur mount.

No serial number is on the frame, but the steerer tube has this inscription: "SZ 132 206147." The SZ was entered by a center punch; the other digits with a number punch set.

There is a Silca pump has been painted to match and it has a Campy head. It too is pristine except that the rubber on one of the legs of the Campy head is split.

Rear dropouts are stamped Campagnolo.

This item was donated to our charity. We are an all-volunteer, all-unpaid organization that gave over 2400 refurbished and repaired bikes to the needy in 2010 alone! We sell items like this frame to help pay our expenses.

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