First off, it's not mine (maybe?). I got a note a few minutes ago from a good friend who's a fellow British motorcycle enthusiast and one of my favorite mechanics. For the moment, all I know about this is it's a (claimed) 1950 BSA Streamlight, appears to be a single speed (no Sturmey chain and cable visible), and also appears to be in decently stored but not restored condition. As best I can tell it's complete other than missing handgrips. I was going to toss him back a quick "$75.00-100.00" answer on first glance, until I realized it had rod brakes.

I tossed him back a few questions in the hopes of getting some other information, and will post anything additional as I have it. For the moment, we're both interested in what the group's opinion would be for a fair selling price for it. I may try to get down to his place in the next day or so to take some more detailed pictures (he lives about 40 miles away).