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Thread: barn finds

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    barn finds

    Hi,..I'm Mike, and I have always liked to ride bikes, but just this last year found three old bikes in my father in law's barn. One is a 1951 Schwinn Traveler (woman's model) and one is a 1969 Schwinn Breeze (woman's model). I have thoroughly taken each apart and got them cleaned and working. Would like to know what they might be worth, and where to advertise. Also just got a 20" Monark boys bike out of the chicken coop and am working on it. Would anyone know where to find info about the manufacture date from the serial number ( A1161800 )?

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    Cheers Mike, welcome to Bike Forums!

    We have a dedicated forum for Classic & Vintage bike value inquiries, so I'm moving this there (from Introductions).

    Regarding advertising, we also have a C&V Sales Forum, you can post an ad there if you upgrade your membership first. Same for our more general Marketplace area. Posting ads outside of the designated areas in Bike Forums will quickly earn you undesirable attention from us Mods, so please don't do that.

    Outside of BF there are lots of sites where you can advertise, of course. Craigslist, eBay come to mind, and there are others.

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