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Thread: Old Paramount

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    Old Paramount

    This is a parmount I bought used in 1982. I took it to my bike shop and one of the guys there who is interested in vintage bikes took a look at it. He thinks it is a 1963. The serial number is stamped into the bottom of the bottom bracket shell (I think that's what he said). The headset and dropouts are Campy. It says C703 on it. Would appreciate a value if you can come up with one from this and the pictures. Any questions and I'll try and suply the answers. I'll also look on the recommended websites for more ideas.
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    C703 would be the third Paramount frame scheduled for March, 1967, production. The number should be stamped into the left (non drive-side) rear dropout and also stamped into the fork steerer tube.

    The First Serialized Date Code
    This system was used from January 1966 through 1969. It consisted of three components -
    • Month Code: This one letter code corresponds to the month with A=January, B=Febuary and so on. Because I is not used, September=J and December=M.
    • Year Code: This one digit code is the last digit of the year - 6 is 1966.
    • Sequence Number: This two digit number represents the nth frame and/or fork scheduled during the month.
    For example, H763 is the sixty-third frame or fork scheduled during August of 1967.

    It's in pretty rough shape. The SunTour RD and the kickstand would not have been original.
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