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Okay so I've tried doing hours of reaserach and I've come up with nothing about this frame that I recently purchased. Can you guys help me out to deduce who made this frame? The frame is (supposedly) made from reynolds 853, and while I dont know if this is nessecarily true, for a steel frame, the tubes are very thin, much thinner than that of my vintage apollo. The frame also has ritchey dropouts, a very long head tube, english bb, 27.2mm seatpost clamp and is supposed to be from the 90s. Frame weight is 5.3 pounds. Also interesting is that the chain stays are boxy, not round like on most vintage frames. I know this is a long shot but after hours of looking on the internets, I've really come up with nothing. Also to note it has brazings for downtube shifters, so I'm thinking can't be from the late 90s. TThe frame has santa cruz decals on it (covered by the green painters tape), but I emailed santa cruz and they said they never made a steel frame. There is also this odd decal that says "Lookout" not too sure what that is about or what it means.

Anyways, I figure maybe someone has a similar looking bike here or at least recognizes the frame?

Thanks in advance - David