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    Is this Vintage 19" Supra Road Bike worth $200?

    I'm still on the hunt for a decent bike that fits and has a nice vintage look to it. I like the stem shifters and top brakes so I am considering buying this Supra but I wanted to ask a few questions. Does it seem worth the price? $200 might be a lot if fixing the brakes is expensive. Anyone know how much I might have to pay to get the brakes fixed up? And one more, does the top tube look kind of long? It seems a little long to me but maybe it's just the picture. Any input is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    btw; I'm 5'2, female & have an inseam of 29.

    Here is the Craigslist Link:

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    Its tough to say what's wrong with the brakes without actually seeing them. Best I can do is give you some things to look for when you go view the bike:

    1. Specifically, which brake is "broken"? Is there any sign of physical damage?
    2. Are they really "broken", or does the bike simply have poor stopping (replace brake pads and/or adjust brake tension)
    3. Does one side of the "broken" brake always rub against the tire? (adjust mounting bolt and lubricate springs)

    So, it could be anything from simple adjustments ($12) to replacing all cables and pads ($35) to replacing one of the brakes entirely ($40-ish).
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