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    1920's (?) Raleigh Sports

    Recently picked up a mysterious bike. It's a black Raleigh Sports. It has a full chaincase and drum brake hubs. The hubs are cable operated Sturmey Archer KB7, which I believe means 1937. The serial number on the frame is A57936, which I think, but am not sure, means 1925. The bike also has a quadrant shifter, and the typical steel stem, bars, seatpost, and cranks. The cranks and rims both appear as though they may have had black paint on them at one point in time, but do not anymore. I will post up a few general pictures later, along with any requests of a specific area to photograph. Are older Raleigh Sports worth much?

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    Pictures would be very helpful.
    I believe AW hubs came out around '36, so conceivably your K hub is earlier. Quadrant shifters were used in the 20's and 30's so that is not inconsistent but it does not narrow it down much.
    I cannot comment on the black paint nor serial number, but hopefully one of our experts can.

    Older Raleigh Sports are very desirable - but seemingly, not all that expensive. The last one I saw on eBay (below) was a 1932 and it went for $325 (with another $350 to ship from England).

    - Auchen

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