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    Batavus Intercycle

    I don't even know where to start with this as any information I look up on Batavus points me more toward the mopeds they made. Can anyone help out with this to determine the worth?

    Thanks in advance

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    I don't know much about the brand but I do know they, like everyone else made bikes on all levels. some are very nice but the brand was never as popular as most italian and japanese imports. this may or may not be a nice upper midlevel bike. see if the seller can give you some more and better pics. I suspect only some of the parts are 600 and may post date the frame.

    Classic Batavus Intercycle bike (Elk ton, MD)

    Date: 2011-08-07, 8:09PM EDT
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    I have a Batavus course intercycle bike not sure of year made but the components are shimano 600 with and FC year code (1981) it needs cleaning and new handle bar tape but otherwise rides fine. Tell me about it and maybe we can make a deal.

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    Terrible C/L ad, very sketchy seller. "Tell me about it and maybe we will make a deal." Huh?

    The Batavus Course was low end, high ten steel frame, etc. Just drop Intercycle from your search and you can find plenty.

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