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    Vintage Road Bike Help!!!

    I have a 80's 60cm nishiki sport series bike frame. Can I upgrade it with newer parts? or only nishiki parts?

    what size wheel sets do I need? can I put any fixed crank on my bike?

    so many questions please help.

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    Hello Huffin_Quakes, welcome to the forums. we will be glad to help you with any questions we can.

    you can certainly put newer parts on your frame it is just a matter of getting the correct threading. as for a fixie crank..... we here in C&V are not big on turning bikes into fixies. I am not familiar with a nishiki sport so I am not sure just how nice a bike it is and wether you would be better off selling it and using the money to buy a fixie.

    yeah yeah I know you don't get "street cred" for having a store bought bike but a real deal store boiught one will give you less trouble with ill fitting wheels and trying to match brakes and other things.

    post a few pics of your bike and let us see what you are starting with.

    wheel size.... what size are the tires on your bike? they are likely either 27 x 1 1/4" or 700c x 25 (or someother other number like 23 28) but I betting they are 27" so for replacement wheels you need 27" wheels. however most 'fixie' wheels are 700c and therefore are not a straight replacement for your wheels and you need different brakes.

    the cranks are easy but the bearing assembly that attaches them to the bike can be tricky. your bike has a an English threaded bottom bracket (BB) shell. that is the part where the axle or spindle that the cranks attach to. you simply buy a set of cranks and the matching BB for them in English threading.

    you do need special tools for this job. one for removing your old cranks, 2 or 3 for removing your old BB and tool for installing the new one.

    I hope this helps
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    Very likely came with 27 inch wheels. Converting to 700c wheels is usually not a problem. Do a search and you will find hundreds of threads on that topic. The only thing made by Nishiki on your bike is the frame, and there is a decent chance Nishiki didn't even make that (they contracted it out to others, depending on the model). Your bike has the same generic parts used by almost all of the manufacturers.

    Now on converting it or building it up, cost will VERY likely exceed the value of the finished project. You are starting with a pretty low end frame, parts are not cheap. Those of us that build up bikes do a lot of scrounging for parts.

    +1 Working on bikes requires a fair investment in tools. The lack of standardization on several parts means more tools (I love tools, so that is not all bad).

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