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    61cm 'Bianchi Brava' - Campione Del Mondo - 100% Chick Designed - Sky Yaeger

    Hi All,

    I have been trying to research my ‘Bianchi Brava’ for quite some time now to get some background on it but came up flat. It has multiple decals on the bike including Bianchi, Brava, Chromo Lite, Campione Del Mondo, Made in Taiwan and finally '100% Chick Designed.'

    It wasn't until I noticed the '100% Chick Designed' decal located on the back part of the seat post just above the bottom bracket, that things started to fall in to place but are still a bit unclear. (The picture of this decal is not an actual picture from the decal on my bike but it's exactly the same, in the exact same location)

    I'm not sure the year of my bike, if my bike is even in fact a Brava and how much it may be worth.

    Any background or information would be helpful. Feel free to ask for any additional information about the bike or specific pictures as I am a novice and not exactly sure what I'm looking at.


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    it certainly appears to be a Brava.

    ChroMo Lite, just refers to the type of tubing, made for Bianchi, used to build the frame

    Campione del Mondo celebrates Bianchi Bicycles being ridden to several world championship victories in several classes. (not to mention several RAAM victories some very close to the mens finish time)

    I have never seen this before but I love it!! Sky Yeager is a long time employee at Bianchi USA (a wholly owned subsidary of Bianchi VESPA or is it SPA?) but I always thought she did more marketing type stuff

    the Brava name came and went over the years since about '84 and was normallky associated with a 105 level bike. I believe currently and starting in the mid 2000s it became a performance (highend) hybrid. what components are on this? is it lugged or tigged?

    PS OH this is an '05 with a tigged frame, Sora shifters/derailleurs and a sugino crankset

    value would depend on who was interested in it. it is a bigger bike wich hurts value but it looks to be in good shape.
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