I ran across a Colnago at a local bike shop recently that I want to buy, but probably shouldn't since I have too many projects going already. But it's my size (51 x 53) and I might be able to get a good price for it. They are asking $900, but its been siting there for about 8 months, so maybe I can get it for less. What do you all think a fair price would be? Sorry no pics.

It appears to be a c. 1985 Colnago Super. I dont know Colnago models well at all, but it looks a lot like the frame on the far top right of this web image, http://www.flickr.com/photos/2130633...9179/lightbox/. The bike in question has a chrome fork and drive side chain stay, both with very light surface rust. Dull middle tone blue paint with minimal labels or decals. All parts look like they could be original, all Ernesto Colnago 'signed' Ofmega. Rear derailleur is definitely Premier as seen in this webpage, http://www.disraeligears.co.uk/Site/...erailleur.html. Tubular rims.

Over all the bike is somewhat dirty, a few nicks, looks like its been sitting in someones garage for twenty years. I was told it was only ridden to church on Sundays by a little old lady in Florida, or something like that. It looks to be in good shape and all original, but not a show bike for certain.