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    New to forum, curious of motobecane model/value

    I don't have pictures on this computer, but maybe someone could give me some guesses on what model I have.
    I believe it is a late 70s model, my mother purchased it new as far as I know.
    It is red, has shifters up at the handlebars, the handle bar wraps are stitched leather/whatever.
    10 spd, if I remember right.
    I don't know if that's enough to narrow it down at all, I was thinking the stitched bar wrap might be a good clue.
    I'll post pics asap.
    Until I get the pics up, any advice on things to look for would also be appreciated


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    Hello Tyler and welcome to the Bike Forums. Motobecanes are among my favorite bicycles, and I found a very nice 1978 Grand Jubilee at the Dump last summer...

    You will get the best results, to your questions, if you supply good clear pictures of the bicycle, at least one from the full drive side and some others of frame and component detail.

    For now, spend a little time and identify when you bike was made by looking through How Old Is My Bike? The stiched bar wrap is probably a rubber sheath designed to look stitched and were commonly offered on entry level Motobecanes.

    So, let's see those pictures and have some fun with you new old bike.
    Learn how to find, restore and maintain vintage road bicycles at... MY "TEN SPEEDS"

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    A good drive side picture and detail pics of the major components are mandatory in a situation like this.Pending that, brands and models of the major components may help. Also, a description of any tubing decal. Headbadge style? Offhand, I don't recall Motobecane being much on bar end shifters, so I assume these are stem mounted shifters? If so, that's a hallmark of entry level models and a contraindicator to leather bar wrap which was only used on the best machines, though it could be an aftermarket addition.

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    +1 I bet it has stem shifters. Does it have a cottered crank? Likely entry level bike from the bike boom. That stitched handlebar wrap is plastic, was a standard on Motobecanes, looked like leather.

    But it could be something better. Not enough info to know. Realize that 90% plus of the bikes sold during that era were entry level, or maybe a half step up. Randy's Grand Jubile is about four steps up (very uncommon).

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