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    Mid 80's Bianchi Campione - Campagnolo Nuovo Record Derailleur Set

    Looking to get an estimate of value for this Bike;

    Estimated to be a 85/86 Bianchi Campione
    -BB Stamped with A.1125
    -Campagnolo Nuovo Record Derailleur Set
    -Campagnolo Crank
    -Campagnolo Seat Post
    -Modolo Equipe Brake Set
    -Mavic Wheels w/Ofmega Hubs
    -Tires are cracked and Saddle is not in good shape

    Here are some photos, let me know if you need any additional information, thank you in advance.

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    Nice bicycle. Bianchi, particualrly celeste colored racing models with Campagnolo components, fetch premium prices. However, in order to give an accuracte estimate on value we need to know your market region. Prices vary substantially between large metropolitan areas and rural backwaters.

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    As T-Mar hints, there are lots of things that come into play when attempting to determine Vintage Bicycle Value. Location, size of the bicycle, time of the year and, of course, the economy all have an impact.

    Guessing at a value for your bicycle is always a crap shoot. Figure between $600 and $1000 USD for the bicycle but those numbers could be way off. I know for sure that I would not sell the bicycle for a cent under $600 and would probably try to sell it for more than a grand. It does look to be worth it. Sadly, the large frame will negatively impact the value.
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