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    Fixie wheel? What's it worth?

    The only time I've seen a bolt-on wheel made to this level of quality was on a fixie so I'm guessing that's what it's for or am I wrong? I'd also like to know what it's worth scince I have no use for it & plan to sell it.

    Desription: Bianchi wide flange hub, axle looks like stainless steel, nuts with captured washers & I don't know if bearings are sealed but they feel silky smooth.
    Spokes are 14Ga (2.0mm) for 4cm coming out of hub & out of rim while the middle necks down to 15Ga (1.8mm). 6 of the stock spokes have been replaced with spokes that are 14Ga full length.
    Rim is an Alexrims AT400 Double Wall 6061H-T6, size 662X14 for a 700C clincher tire running Presta valve tube. Rim rubber is a red FSA.
    Condition is good (7 on a 1 to 10 scale). True condition-Lateral runout (side-to side) is about +/- .008" (.20mm), looks dead-on to the naked eye. Radial runout (roundness) is about +/- 1mm (.039") & can be seen on visual inspection.
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    Yes, fixed gears or "fixies" use bolt on wheels because true track bikes use bolt on wheels. They're really not necessary for road use (99% of the "fixie" bikes will never see a track) but that's all part of the fad.

    Anyway, used front wheel with Alex rim, maybe $35. Now if you had the rear wheel for fixed gear use with threading on both sides it would be worth about twice that.
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    I think that's a fair appraisal. I had a generic fixed/free wheelset, Formula HF hubs with some basic rims that I sold for $100. Similar quality.
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