I hope it’s ok to join the forum with the aim of learning about my frame…I don’t really have much to else contribute at this stage.

Firstly, I bought this bike 26 years ago around Coogee in Sydney Australia, from a bloke who seemed to be pretty well into cycling - he also gave me a whole bunch of gear, shoes, gloves, nicks, oakleys, etc., for about $400. That’s all I remember of the sale.

I then stripped the frame and sprayed it up with primer, undercoats and finish coats in a black fleck paint, and re-installed all the bits (or most of them anyway…) Before this, the frame was metallic red, and there was a gold (I think) hand painted highlight around the lugs on the tubes. I do not remember any stickers, but maybe there were some. I changed the rear derailleur, and added the cateye, other than that it is pretty much how I bought it in terms of gear.

For about 5 years I would do up to 150km a few times a week for fitness around North Western Sydney; but then I found beer, girls etc, and have only moved it with me over the years.

Now I am toying with the idea of returning it to the road, and am keen to find out a bit about the frame, as it’s pretty light, and maybe the lugs might indicate a good frame. I know she is in a pretty poor state right now, but before I toy with it, I thought it best to try to find out what I mite be toying with.

I cannot find any other serial numbers on the frame other than on the bottom lug, which I assume is the Nervex lug code which I think reads 53oz384.o222E38.

So, can anybody please suggest ways I might find more info on what it may be, or point to any identifying features on the frame?



P1040869.jpg P1040606.jpg P1040613.jpg P1040830.jpg P1040609.jpg P1040860.jpg P1040607.jpg P1040616.jpg P1040866.jpg P1040608.jpg P1040629.jpg P1040832.jpg