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    Bridgestone 550 old bike shop find!

    Picture 046.jpg

    Interested to know what thoughts are as to the value of this bike. It's been sitting in its box for several years. I read online that these were made back in 87-88. The wheels and seatpost/seat are gone but other than that it's all there. I really am interested to hear what others know and think about these Bridgestones as I am not familiar with them. its a 59mc frame as stated on the bike box. Thanks!

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    Thats a tough one.

    Might be tough sell to a newbie without the wheels, seat and seat post, which would cut down the people interested, but I think these Bridgestones are pretty tough to come by, especially new in the box. You probably have the last one of those! So a hard-core Bridgestone fan might be pretty interested and pay a good amount for it.

    It looks like Shimano equipped to my untrained eye. Do you know which model - 105, 600, Ultegra? Is there a sticker on the seat tube telling you what tubing the frame is made with? Those things will matter some. But the condition and the fact that it has never been built-up or ridden is the real key here, so I would think you could get $350-400 as is...

    Better experts will chime in soon...
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    The 550 was a middle/upper end of the road model, with Suntour Alpha 5000 components (those are pretty ordinary) I do not see the value mentioned above. Bridgestone catalogs are all online. Complete, that bike in nice used condition might bring $225 to $250 here in Hooterville. Add a premium for the NOS condition. You need two people that want it. It was near the higher end of the hundred series of bikes, but the Radacs were the top (three models).

    Really depends on where you are located. Me, I would be putting it up on ebay, and hope some bidders got excited. I would not build it up, unless that is for personal use.

    88 and 87 were both Suntour alpha 5000.

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