Hello guys,

A friend of mine is selling me a Swiss made Allegro, I'm guessing from 1974? I'm getting to this conclusion based on the Campagnolo record components that come with the bike. The bicycle itself is in absolute great condition, the frame is chromed with not a single spot of rust and Campagnolo dropouts on the frame and fork. He doesn't really care for the frame and doesn't know what he has on his hands so he told me to: "Make him an offer". What do you think it's worth? what would be a good deal? and what can you tell me of allegro?

I have bought from him other frames in the past including my 91' Bianchi Reparto Corse and my 1973 Mercier 200. The only thing that the bicycle is missing are the wheels. Thanks in advance for your help

Unfortunately I do not have any pictures at the moment, but if I decide to get the bike I will post pictures once I have it with me.