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    Bianchi Sport SX

    Looking at this:

    Seems to have been relatively well upgraded, and the mountain derailleurs
    are a bit strange but don't bother me as long as they're indexed well. I
    have XT's on my own mountain bike. But is $400 still too much for a
    late 80's steel bike?

    From the ad (pictures at link above) :
    For sale is my bianchi sport sx road bike size 57. It's a wonderful late 80's
    steel frame built up with some great parts. I also just replaced all the
    cabling and housing . It would be a great bike for anything from commuting, to
    road rides to touring. Bellow is a short list of components, please email if
    you have any questions.

    Frame: Bianchi sport sx
    Wheels: DT Swiss TK 7.1 l laced to suzue hubs
    Headset : Chris King Gripnut
    stem: nitto
    Seatpost: Thomson elite
    R. derailleur: Shimano Deore XT ( 7 speed)
    F. derailleur: Shimano Deore XT
    Cranks: Sugino SD2 Triple

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    Very nice job with the triple conversion and XT derailers. Bar end shifters are another nice touch.

    Might've cost the guy $400 to build up, but I wouldn't pay that. For $400 you should be able to get an actual touring bike or a higher end racing bike. Unless this is really what you're after. But from what I remember the "Sport SX" model was lower end.
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    But is $400 still too much for a
    late 80's steel bike?
    Not at all but it is certainly a bit high for that bicycle. Were I you, I would consider $250.00 tops for the bicycle or look elsewhere.

    Since you appear to be a bit new to the interest of vintage road bicycles, you might want to try and find one for little or no cash outlay. Have a look through How To Find Vintage Bicycles and start by applying the Word of Mouth method. You just might be surprised at what you can talk out of the woodwork.
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    I agree $400 is too much for this. The pics do not show enough detail to see how worn the components like the chainwheels and rearderailleur may have. The seller (or someone else) put all that money into the bike but since it has Suze hubs I assume that is a FW hub rather than using a cassette.

    If you look closely at the second pic you can plainly see the Suntour friction barends so this bike is not set up for indexing despite the 'upgrades'.

    I believe the frame is a '86 Sport SX and has a DB ChroMoly main frame, in SuperSet of course, with mangalloy taper stays. I have a two similar '87 frames, one built, and they ride very well but the bile likely sold for just about $425-450 new. I say pass on this one.

    OH one last think the Sport SX was a lowerend Sport or racing bike and usually was one model below the Campoine de Italia. So it was not a low end bike in the same class as a Strada or Ross Sport Tour.
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