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    Help needed to identify an early Bianchi

    I made a recent visit to my parents house and decided to bring back a few bikes. This Bianchi was one of them. Sad to say it was in a box, unopened, up until a few years ago. It got very little use since then but was not treated with the care it should have. The decals have become old and brittle so are falling off. It did take some damage as far as scratches but I believe it would clean up rather nice. I am trying to figure out what the bike would be worth in its current condition as well as cleaned up with new decals.

    The tires are the original Pirellis and most parts say champagnolo.
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    Welcome to the bike forum and next time you visit Mom and Dad, bring something nice home for me too;-)

    Your pictures and description are inadequate for much of an appraisal. That said, the bicycle looks to be something like a couple of seventies something Bianchi Sprints I owned several years ago...

    As for present and cleaned up Vintage Bicycle Value, the information and pictures supplied are not good enough for me to offer an opinion. If you could get better pictures, a more complete description and let us know where you live, I might be able to ball park a value for you.

    Hope that is some help at least.
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    Hello Pilley welcome to the forums. I am with Randy there is not much detail in the pics and they are fuzzy to boot.

    From what I can tell from the pic I agree it is likely a '70s model perhaps a upperend sport level bike. can you post some better pics? I am not sure if we can nail down a exact year and model but better pics will help with value. Can you take and post some pics of the components and better pics of the frame?

    Are I think I see a QR (on the wrong side) on the front wheel is there on the back? Are the rims steel? what band model are the brakes?

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