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    How much to price - 1997 Lemond Road Bike with Shimano parts

    Hello. I am selling my 1997 Lemond Road Bike (55cm/ 22 inch : c to c)
    Steel frame road bike - and do not know how to price it.

    The bike was tuned up last season, and is in good condition. I got this bike a few years ago in Madison, WI from a bike store that built the bike with Shimano parts. The bike has Shimano Sora Flight Deck triple 3x8 shifters.

    There are some scratches on the frame on the sides from locking it to poles, etc. - so the frame is not in pristine condition. Tires, brakes, shifters and other parts are in good condition.

    Below is the specs on the bike - with the current parts.

    What is my bike worth - with these parts, but with some scratches?
    I have to switch to an upright bike due to shoulder injuries - so I have decided to sell it.

    Information and specs:

    Size: 55 cm / 22 inch (c to c)
    (Also: c-t , is a 58.1 cm or 22.88 inch)
    Color: Cannibal orange
    Frame: True Temper Double-butted CRO-MOLY frame (Steel)
    Fork: Unicrown stle, cro-moly taper guage blades
    Spokes: DT 15g, stainless stell
    Rms, Mavic CSP 10, 32 hole
    Stems: TIG welded cro-moly 90 degrees 240 grames
    Pedals: Shimano SPD M535

    Shimano Sora Flight Deck triple 3x8 shifters/levers
    E-2091 anamotic shape tech handlebars
    Bontrager Race Lite Folding B 700 x 28 dual compound all weather tires
    Shimano SIS SP shifter cable housing
    Shimano Exage LX 400 front derailer
    Shimano SG sprocket
    Shimano BR-A250, Exage Motion brakes

    Brooks Champion Special B17 Saddle that I added ( leather saddle with large hammered copper rivets for a retro look)
    I also havethe original Lemond white saddle that the bike came with


    Links to 1997 Original Catalog with bike listed:
    (look for the orange Lemond Alpez d’Huez Road Bike in the catalog)


    (C-C, measuring the Tob Tube) is 55.88 cm or 22 inch
    (C-T, measuring the Seat tube) is a 58.1 cm or 22.88 inch

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    Sounds like a real mix of lower end components. Steel frame Lemond is cool but the tubing is nothing exotic.

    Condition and marketing matters a LOT so without being able to see pictures I would guess about $200. But if it's nice, and you make a good ad with pictures, maybe $300?
    Why "derailer" is the correct way to spell the gear-change mechanism:

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    Lemonds of that era tend to hold their value in my area, I rarely see them offered for less than $400 (which is not to suggest that they actually sell for that much...) You'd probably do well if you put the original saddle back on, and sell the Brooks separately.

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