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    1980's PALETTI - Model? Value?

    Hi guys!

    As I said in my introduction I am new to this, and I am now looking to buy my first real vintage road bike. The one I have in mind is an Italian beauty, a Paletti. Unfortunately the guy who is trying to sell it didn't take good photos and didn't write a lot about it (probably because he doesn't know much either) . But I found the exact same bike on Google Images:

    Some parts on the bike have been changed, so it's not exactly the one in the pictures. But I guess the frame and many parts are the same.

    What information I have so far:
    FRAME: The sticker says Tange #3 tubing, I can't say a lot about that. But is it even original? Did Paletti build bikes with that tubing? That confuses me a little. Paint looks good, a few scratches, hopefully no dents (I will check when I see it in natura)
    GRUPPO: Originally it was Campagnolo I guess. I am not sure about the Campagnolo model though. I am not sure what has changed, certainly the crankset.
    BRAKES: Modolo Sporting. Okay I would say
    HANDLEBAR: Has changed, doesn't look impressive.
    WHEELS: Tires are new, the rim on the back wheel has been changed for a new one recently.
    SADDLE: Nothing special, same as one the photos: San Marco Laser

    I am not sure which model it is, or from which time period it is. I couldn't find anything similar on the web, since Paletti seems to be quite a rare manufacturer. Their bikes are made in Modena, Italy, by the way. Luciano's son Michele continues the business:

    All in all, I think it's a good bike to begin with, since I think there is potential, and still some things to work on.
    What I am looking for, is a quality frame and working components to start riding right away.

    Do you think this bike is worth a try? How much would you pay for it (Location is Germany)?

    All your help is highly appreciated! Cheers
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    Definitely a great bike for a beginner once you change out the bars. The extra cost of the bars and levers and housing and handlebar tape should factor into your decision. So, I would pay $200 for the bike as it sits keeping in mind that I would have to spend at least another $50 to get it up and running.

    It would look great with some white handlebar tape, very classic.

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    Looks like Campy Victory on the pictured bike to me, though I am not a Campy expert. Lower down the Campy line. It's within the realm of possibility the one you are looking at has a different Campy group on it. Bike looks to be mid-range; I think Jet's price assesment is ballpark, provided the actual bike is in good shape.
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