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    Is this bike rideable?

    Here are some images of the bike. Does anyone see any glaring issues with it that I should be worried about? I've notice a bit of rust and what looks to be paint chips on the frame and fork. I just want to make sure I don't purchase a unrideable/unsalvageable bike. It's my first time buying an used bike and am not completely sure what I should be looking out for. Thanks for your time!

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    From the photos I see no dents or dings and the fork isn't bent sot that is a good start. Have you ridden it yet? Make sure all the gears engage and that there is no skipping in the chain when you engage the shifters. Hit the brakes hard a few times when you are test riding it, just to be sure there is no slippage in the rear wheel or headset and that the brake levers 'bounce' back once you release the pressure on them.

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    From the pics I can't see anything wrong with the bike except being dirty, it looks like it should be fine to ride. I would give a everything a quick check and a short test ride to be sure.

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