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    Looking at buying 6 3-speeds. Need to know how much to offer

    So I'm looking buying 6 bikes. Have to take them all or nothing.

    3 are 66' Raleigh Sports. All three are black and paint is a 8.5/10 on all of them. They are already disassembled in the middle of cleaning. Sorry don't have any pictures of these

    2 Are a matched pair of 74' Sports.
    1 is a 76' LTD-3
    And there are is some extra parts that go along with them as well.

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    Assuming you do not need 6 3-speeds, so its a buy to flip, I would put the price relatively low. Depending where you live, 3 speeds can be a hard sell, particularly the womens style.

    When I buy a group of bikes, I typically make an offer based on what I think the best ones are worth, and the rest become part of the deal. So if there are 3 that are "mens style", I would make an offer on what I thought those three would be worth, in needs work condition. I might add a little more for the other 3 in my calculation, but not a lot.

    Around here, it would take me a while to get full market out of 6 3-speeds (like a year or more). Hopefully you have room to store them. Its all about demand in your market.

    And again, depending on your area, there probably are not many buyers interested in picking up six three speeds at once. Now if you are in NYC, or SF, or Portland, OR; totally different story.
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