Picked this up a few weeks ago and having searched here and there I'm still none the wiser as to what it may be underneath. So from top to bottom, front to back:

A whole bunch of long-point lugs that I can't really identify as a particular Bocama or Prugnat set although there's similarities here and there, and I can't come across any with similar diamond cut-outs.

There's only two markings on the whole bike so far that I've seen - Durifort on the right fork blade and 72 (angle no doubt) on the seat cluster lug. Nothing on the BB shell or the dropouts. It's a light frame, takes a 26.6 seatpost and seems well made - the lugs appear filed down towards the ends and there's no lifting or other warping.

I picked it up in the north of France from an ex-Flandria team mechanic, so I'm hazarding a guess it's from a northern French or likely a Belgian builder, even though it's re-badged as a Moser.

The beast in full:

[edit] Is there no perpetual lug-frame ident thread?