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    What is this thing?


    Anyone have any idea about this mystery machine? I got the picture from a friend so that's the only photo I have right now. Standard excellent sport gemerkt is the only writing on the bike (according to him) but that doesnt seem to mean anything.

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    Looks to be pretty basic 3speed step through from the 70's, a lot of these where very similar between different makers so it is hard to tell the make and model from the limited info . These don't do a lot sales wise in really nice condition if everything works good about $100-125, is all these go for in most markets.

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    The chain case and skirt guard (after market?) makes this a little different from a standard 3 speed step through. I also appears to have a front generator hub and frame lock. All 4 of these features are common utility bikes in Europe, especially Holland and Denmark. While not worth much in the US (unless maybe you find a sentimental buyer) these bikes are extremely practicable daily transportation.

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