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Thread: BCA "Supra?"

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    BCA "Supra?"

    I hate to be that guy, and I promise this is my last appraisal for a while, but with the vast amount of knowledge on this board I just had to put this bike out there. Nothing special I don't think, but I hate not knowing something that I could know.

    Anyway, I picked this bike up not too long ago. I know about BCA, Ross, and their limited success. However, I have not been able to unearth what model I have.

    Marked 'Supra' but I believe that may be a sticker added later. The original sticker on the down tube seems to be removed. Made in the USA, 6 speed Shimano SIS rear, SIS sl-s441, unknown Shimano front derailleur, "Custom" crank, and the biggest enigma are some cheap looking KK(?) hubs.

    So she's got mid to low components, but any idea on the frame? She rides really nice, but wondering if it's worth upgrading and whats a ballpark value?


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    I would say someone already spent too much on it with the brake levers and tires.
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