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    86-87 Bianchi Sport SX

    Hey guys, newb here. lol.
    Just picked up this 86-87 Bianchi Sport SX. I can't really tell you much more than that, but the original owner told me it's all original parts. I dont think its really been ridden much at all since he purchased it. I've currently got it at the local bike shop getting an overhaul with new tires, brake pads, etc. I was just curious how much these things are worth as is, completely original.

    Link to picture:

    EDIT: OH! and any information you could give about this particular model would be greatly appreciated

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    the sport sx was in the lower end of the bianchi lineup. its a nice bike though.

    as to its price, it's worth whatever you paid for it.

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    that is an '87 with a three tube double butted chromoly main triangle with mangalloy stays. The component group is Suntour Alpha 5000. It was in the lower Sport tier of bikes but was a very solid machine built more for someone who wanted to train and do some fast group rides and some citizen level racing. The same frame was used for the Brava model two bikes up the ladder, lots of companies did and still do this use the same frame but different groups/colors for different models.

    That was my first real bike and first Bianchi. They are a great riding basic bike. I literally rode the wheels off it the first summer I owned it training, commuting, training races and even a MS 150 ride. I also used it as rain / winter commuter after upgrading to a real Italian Bianchi, rebuilt it as drop and then flat bar cyclocross bike.

    The MSRP was right around $475ish so most here would say the value would be in the $225 to 250 range depending on condition and location. I wish the pics were better on this but I agree it looks like it has seen little use judging from the lack of wear on the rims.

    With the exception of the bar/stem and brake levers I did sort of a "restocking" of mine a few years ago using some parts in better shape the originals.

    Bianchis '87 Sport SX, '90 Proto, '90 Campione del Fausto Giamondi Specialisma Italiano Mundo, '91 Boarala 'cross, '93 Project 3, '86 Volpe, '97 Ti Megatube, , '90 something Vento 603,

    Others but still loved,; '80 RIGI, '80 Batavus Professional, '87 Cornelo, '09 Motobecane SOLD, '?? Jane Doe (still on the drawing board), '90ish Haro Escape

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