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Thread: 1984 Trek 520

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    I agree with Bill's assessment. Additionally, when I flip, I put in way more time and effort than the average LBS would or could considering shop costs. I tear it down as far as necessary to clean and lube properly. If it warrants, I'll do paint touch up. No LBS is going to do that. At the end of the day, I give the buyer more for less than they'd pay at a LBS. I don't mark up the price of consumables, although I should, and would if I could. The LBS has to.

    I don't sell much, just ask my wife! But when I do, I give a lot of value. I even ask the buyer if they know how to do basic maintenance. I ask whether they have a tire pump that has presta compatibility. So I don't feel guilty about making a couple bucks, nor should I.
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