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    Miele Cicli vintage 12 speed - $185?

    Looks like the tires need to be replaced and those brake lines are going everywhere. I'm not too familiar with Miele, is this worth the $184? Using it as a "fixer upper".


    Edit: Found this and this in an old catalog scan from Miele. If it helps.
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    Looks to be at the low end, maybe steel rims. Its overpriced to me, but in some of the Canadian markets its would be priced OK.
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    Neither one of those bikes is anything like this one. The biggrst and first difference is the down tube shifter brazeons.

    Right it needs tires, the handle bar tape is a mess, as well as the brake cables, and the brake lever hoods. If it is a chromoly frame and fork it might be nice project but for closer to $80-100
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