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Antieverything 02-15-14 12:43 AM

80s Tommasso appraisal

any ideas of the model? female specific? value? thanks.

digger531 02-15-14 09:42 AM

Go gogogogogo

rjhammett 02-15-14 10:28 AM

Many of the Tommaso bikes were built by the Billato Brothers in Italy. Buy it now!

thinktubes 02-15-14 10:48 AM

Run, don't walk....

IthaDan 02-15-14 10:56 AM

For that money, in that market, if be there already.

+1 to T. Bill here- buy now, ask later.

Antieverything 02-15-14 07:16 PM

got it for $120, the frame has rust spots, particularly in the chrome. dura ace/sante components, cinelli bar/stem, perfect condition mavic ma40s. the wheels alone are worth the price of admission for me as i have a perfect bike for them. now ill debate how to tackle the restoration. theres a serious lack of good custom painters that will paint a bike frame around here. ill post pics a little later

Antieverything 02-15-14 10:06 PM

at this point im going to assume that the chrome is too pitted to save, i think i would have to ship out of state to rechrome and possibly repaint. i might try some steel wool + wd40 at some point first. i hate when good bikes just get left out in the garage to rust away. thanks for the advice guys.

thinktubes 02-16-14 06:41 AM

Well played.

Not worth a repaint unless it's a forever keeper.

Antieverything 02-16-14 01:24 PM

looks like someone tried to sand it off at some point. so the chrome will have to be redone. as far as forever keeper, im in the fence. normally for a c&v i want to keep it forever, but i have a friend thats expressed interest in it as a starter bike. these bargains are far in between here as people tend to overprice things to the umpteenth power. ive been lucky to find the 5 bikes i have now for the prices they were going for.

what model/year would this be? restored value vs current value? thanks in advance

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