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echo victor 02-15-14 10:25 AM

1984-5 Raleigh Triumph Gran Course
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Hi, folks. I'm going to be looking at the bike listed here today. I've read that the Gran Course was available as a European market frameset only. There's limited info out there, but the frame is in this catalog: This particular one appears to have been built up mostly with Suntour Sprint components.

The seller is firm at $285, and I'll be driving a ways to look at it. So I'd like opinions - am I going to be overpaying for this? My intent isn't to flip it, but I do like to know that if at some point I need to sell it I have a reasonable chance of getting back what I put into it.

I'd be especially interested in the opinions of @nlerner, @zaphodbeeblebrox, @RobE30, or anyone else who's had one of these or knows Worksop-built Raleighs really well (@noglider, @auchencrow, or @wrk101?). Apologies if I've overlooked anyone obvious, but I don't want to call out everyone on the forum in one post.

So any thoughts?

Sixty Fiver 02-15-14 10:32 AM

It is built on a 531C frameset which by itself is worth the price of admission... Worksop built bicycles are the best that Raleigh offered.

The parts are nice and the bike appears to be in very good condition... I would not pass on it if it fits you well and the frame is to your liking.

browngw 02-15-14 10:52 AM

Under $300 for this bike sounds like a good deal dependent on any major condition problem. I would love to have that Triumph in my garage to keep the red one company.

auchencrow 02-15-14 11:53 AM

I agree with 65'er - That's a good deal you won't regret.
Getting a high end Raleigh custom frame along with a Sprint group, a very nice wheelset for a few bucks more than a generic alloy rimmed production bike from the same era is a deal you won't see everyday - and new tires to boot!

zukahn1 02-15-14 12:54 PM

Looks like a very nice bike at good price. The only likely issue is that is very large for a rider 6'5" or so.

echo victor 02-15-14 01:44 PM

Thanks very much for weighing in and helping me feel a little more confident about this.
@zukahn1 - not sure why it would be for someone 6'5". He claims it's 58 ctc & 59 ctt, and I usually ride that size. And I'm 6'0".

zukahn1 02-15-14 03:05 PM

Might just be the pics but that frame looks closer to a 60-62cm and the bike has exceptionaly long stem and large bars.

lmurphy 02-15-14 03:50 PM

I would buy that bike in a heartbeat at the asking price, even with the knowledge that the Carlton Worksop factory closed in 1981;

zazenzach 02-15-14 04:10 PM

I don't know what @zukahn1 is talking about, the bike will fit you OP.

I'm 6'1 and a 59cm is too small for me. boatloads of seatpost showing and a very aggressive fit. The biggest bike I have is 63.5cm CTT and i still have about a half inch of standover- still very comfortable.

and yes, a 531 frame in my area would be a screeming deal at that price.

TugaDude 02-15-14 05:16 PM

Run, don't walk and buy it! It is a Nottingham-built Carlton/Raleigh. I have a 1983 Gran Tour and the workmanship is superb. Same plant as yours, I'm sure. More and better pics please.

echo victor 02-17-14 02:20 AM

Thanks again for all your positive comments and encouragement. Turned out to be quite the trip to get to it, but I think it was worth it. Good point, @lmurphy, about the Worksop factory - from what I've now read, it seems like they kept using the 'W' indicator at Nottingham to indicate frames that were in the same 'family line' as the Worksop frames - i.e., the really nice bikes.

Looks to be well constructed throughout. @TugaDude, more (and better, I hope) pics are at this post in the main C&V forum. If there's something more you'd like pics of, let me know.

mrherbie 03-25-14 03:42 PM

I would defiantly make the purchase. Raleigh only ever sold these in the UK. A few made their way over to the states (one of them being mine). All Reynolds 531 is pretty sweet too.

I have one equipped with Campy components stolen from my basement in Cleveland.

If anybody on this forum ever runs across a bike exactly like this but with the downtube braze-ons ground off. Please let me know

RickyRitalin 03-25-14 09:46 PM

Absolutely a great bike. I had one for 15 years. Bought the frame from Michael's Cyclery in Ames Iowa in '85 as a surplus frame for the Raleigh USA team. 531c tubing and fastback seat stays. Beautiful two tone blue paint with fade. Had mine built with Campag Record and Modolo mix. Wish I still had it...

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