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JPeters 02-15-14 11:07 AM

Appraisal of an old Pinarello frame (and a team 531 bike)
I was just wondering if anyone could give me an estimation of price for these two bikes. Both seem like nice frames (I like the geometry, and the lugged joints) but the parts on them seem a bit iffy, and mostly cheap replacements. I could be wrong though (check my previous appraisal request to see how wrong I can be!).

I'm just looking for a cheap, fun racing bike to act as an alternative to my mtb on commutes and around town as I ride a lot, though I wouldn't mind having a bike I could fix up with a little elbow grease and some bargain components. Perhaps to sell eventually when winter comes round again or I need the money. I figure it's also a nice way to learn about bikes.

From what I've read Pinarello seem to be very well-respected and all other frames I found of theirs online go for quite a lot it seems. The other bike I'm completely unsure of, as the stickers are worn off, but perhaps some eagle-eyed person can recognise what model it is. (Sorry, neither google nor my girlfriend seem able to translate some parts of the ad!)

repechage 02-15-14 05:19 PM

Do not pursue the "Pinarello" it is not.

The second bike looks more promising. An interesting mix of components, it looks like CLB brakes (decent calipers, the brake levers look cheap) The crank set is nothing special but of the two this is the one to investigate.

The chain and freewheel could be worn out and the wheels could not be in good shape but the "bones" look worthwhile.

No comment on the brand, I am not familiar but the details suggest a decent frame.

howsteepisit 02-15-14 07:13 PM

Interestingly, the Team 531 has a columbus sticker on it, and looks to have forged dropouts. But given the 531 name, there may be some deception going on there too. Has Suntour Cyclone derailleurs, they are nice, crank modest, wheels look modest. I's value it in the 100-150 US range, but not knowing the condition of the wheels or tires thats a severely qualified, plus I'd want to be able to inspect that frame too.

Ex Pres 02-16-14 08:28 AM

The crankset on the second one may have a non-replaceable outer ring. Outer ring wear will be very important in evaluating this part. Thun maybe?

JPeters 02-16-14 10:42 AM

Thanks. It would take a bit of effort for me to go to the town these bikes are in to inspect them, which is why I'd like to know beforehand if they're even worth it. If it's worth $100-150 then it seems like the owner knows exactly what he has, and I'd only get a smaller price towards the end of summer. I've already noticed prices rise quite a bit from where they were a month or two ago (when the weather was cold, snowy, with plenty of ice on the roads - now it's quite nice).

I've also asked for a few more pics of this bike , which seems like it could be more of a good deal though less exciting, and the wheels look a little dubious (and fat) to me.

repechage 02-16-14 02:15 PM

The Cilo brings up the size issue. it is most probably bigger than the others by 1 cm or 2.

zazenzach 02-16-14 05:50 PM

lol, poorest attempt at a pinarello knock off i've ever seen

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